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How To Cut False Lashes (Like A Pro!)

So, you’ve ventured into the world of false lashes, but they keep flicking up on your inner and outer corners? Hm, it sounds like that strip might not be the right size! Don’t stress we’re here with some of our favourite tips to help you make the most out of your lashes and get the perfect fit for your eye shape.  

When you’ve invested in a new pair of lashes it’s so important that you first measure to make sure they’re the right fit for your eye. An ill-fitting pair of lashes will not only be uncomfortable on the eye, but they’ll also be more likely to move or lift throughout the day. We want your lashes staying put and looking their best, so give them a little bit of love and make them the perfect fit for you.  

Step 1: Measure 

There are two different ways to measure lashes, depending on the outcome and overall look you are after.  

For a more dramatic lash that pulls all attention to the outer corners, such as our Grand #1we suggest holding the lash strip against your eyelid matching the outer corner of your false lashes to the outer corner of your natural lash line. Make a note of where the false lash meets the last lash of your natural lashes towards the inner corner – this is where you will want to trim (not while they’re on your eye, please!).  

If you’re measuring a pair of more natural lashes, or a style that is consistent in length across the entire strip like our Petite range, start by meeting the inner corner of the false lash to the inner corner of your natural lash line. You will want to trim any of the false lash that then hangs over the last natural lash in your outer corner.  

Once you’ve measured your lashes it’s time to trim! 

Step 2: Trim 

We know that trimming your new lash babies might seem a little daunting, but we promise it will seriously up your lash game! 
The most important thing to remember is to never trim your lashes while you’re wearing them, or while they are near your eye! Safety first, let’s not put scissors or anything sharp close to where it can hurt you.  
Using lash specific scissors will give a much more precise cut than your regular kitchen scissors, and most importantly it won’t ruin or pull at the lash band. Lash scissors feature a thin, pointed tip that will allow you to trim between even the densest lash styles without any damage.  

Step 3: Apply 

Once your lashes are trimmed to perfection, apply our Quick Lash Adhesive Liner to your lash line (and the lash band if you’re feeling fancy!), wait 30 seconds for it to get tacky and then apply your lashes to complete your look!  
One of our favourite tips is to apply your lash adhesive to the lash line and a little extra to the inner and outer corners of the lash band itself. While the adhesive is getting tacky, curve your lash band so the inner and outer corners touch, this will help the adhesive spread evenly and give an extra barrier to protect your lashes from lifting. 

Step 4: Blend 

Make sure your false lashes and natural lashes are working together to support you and not fight over who is your favourite! Blend your lashes together with the comb on our Dual-Ended Lash Applicator Tool for a perfectly polished look.  
Start by combing through the lashes from the top while applying slight pressure, this will also help reinforce the pressure bond between your lash line, false lashes, and your adhesive! Finish off by combing the outer corners of your lash from the bottom moving upwards to keep a fluffy lash look. 

The Ultimate Cat-Eye Lash 

Is there anything better than buying one pair of lashes and getting two different styles out of them? 
If you love a good cat-eye look then you need to cut your lashes in half and double your value! Cutting your lashes in half will give you the perfect length to apply to the outer corner of your lash line – pair this back with our winged liner stamp and you’ve got the perfect cat-eye ready to take from day to night! 
We love to use Modest #2 as you’ll get two distinct lash looks when you trim this style in half. The outer corner half will create a dreamy natural lash look that will blend beautifully with your lash line. The inner half presents a wispier option that would look perfect paired with a coloured liner and wing!  

The Rule of Three 

If you happen to have a rounded eye shape, one of your best tricks will be to cut your lashes in thirds for the most precise application.  

Cutting your new set of false lashes into three will make your application exactly one million times easier (we’re not exaggerating, promise!). Once your lashes are trimmed, we recommend applying the outer corner first, matching the last natural lash line, and working inwards. You can slightly layer the lashes for a fuller look, or strategically place for a more natural option.  
One of our favourite lashes for a rounded eye is Grand #3 – this lash looks stunning slightly layered, and the varying lengths look perfect on a rounded eye as you don’t need to be too precise in matching up the trimmed bands for a beautiful look.  

DIY Individual Lashes 

One of our favourite tips is to make your own individual lashes out of a set of strip lashes! 
Individual lashes can be more on the expensive side, and are often sold as thinner or more “natural” looking clusters. We love to take a fluffy lash and trim away to mimic the look of lash extensions, without the cost and without the damage to your natural lashes.  

Here at The Quick Flick HQ we love to trim our To The Point lashes in #2 into smaller sections to really amp up the volume where you need it most.  

Need some more help with your lash application, our Beauty Advisor's are just a call away!

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