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How to Apply False Lashes Like a Pro!


You’re minutes away from flawless lashes.

Whether you're looking to try false lashes for the first time or wouldn't be caught without them, the Quick Lash has you covered. Featuring our revolutionary adhesive liner, handmade faux-mink lashes and innovative double-duty lash application tool, the collection is everything your need for fast and flawless lashes, day or night!

If you’re anything like us here at The Quick Flick HQ, then you’re probably looking for lashes that can keep up with your busy lifestyle. We’re firm believers that the right set of false lashes can lift any makeup look in a matter of minutes and are here to help you perfect the art of flawless lash application once and for all.

Ready to learn how to apply Quick Lash like a pro?

Watch our step-by-step guide with Founder Iris Smit for her top tips on mastering application... EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Iris's Application Tips
  1. Shake It! Don’t forget to shake your Quick Lash Adhesive Liner well each time you are applying your lashes.
  2. Find the perfect fit. When it comes to lashes, one size doesn’t fit all. Make sure to trim your lashes to suit your individual eye size. 
  3. Don’t be stingy. Apply a generous amount of your Quick Lash Adhesive Liner to your natural lash line to secure your lashes safely in place all day. We also recommend you do the same on the super-flex band of your lashes for maximum hold.
  4. Wait Thirty. Allow 30 seconds for the formula to become tacky before applying your lashes. That’s approximately the time it takes to sing the chorus to Beyonce’s, Love on Top twice!
  5. Put some pressure on it. Quick Lash Adhesive Liner is a pressure sensitive adhesive, so don’t forget to apply pressure to your lash band when putting it in place with your double-duty lash applicator.
  6. Seamlessly blend. Flip your trusty applicator over to the comb end to blend your natural and false lashes together seamlessly.

Ready to up your lash game? Make sure to stock up on all your Quick Lash favorites, before they're gone!


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