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Why We Created Our 2 In 1 Tinted Brow Lamination Gel

Since launching our viral Quick Brow Lamination Gel in March 2022, we've had soooo many requested for a tinted version. So of course, we listened! Meet the worlds first gel-wax hybrid brow product with a tint!

You asked, we listened! Ever since we launched our clear Quick Brow Lamination Gel back in March 2022, you’ve been asking for us to create a tinted version - so that’s exactly what we’ve done! The philosophy behind this product was all about boosting your brow health, which is why I decided to add castor oil to promote growth and overall health of brow hairs. So you know your brows are going to look incredible every time you wear this product!


Quick Brow Tinted Lamination Gel


We also invested a lot of time into crafting the 3 perfect shades for this world first tinted gel-wax hybrid formula, which is vegan and cruelty-free.

You can use it alone to create a fluffy, laminated brow look with its tapered brush or you can layer it on top of our clear lamination gel to fill in any sparse areas. It’s long wearing and won’t smudge so your brows look fabulous all day long. I hope you love our Quick Brow 2 in 1 Tinted Brow Lamination Gel as much as I do!


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