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Why We Created Our 2 In 1 Brow Pencil & Liner

I thought it was about time someone re-imagined the way we shape and define our brows, so I decided to combine a brow kit into the one product!It may say 2 in 1, but this product is practically 3 in 1 with its pencil, liner and spoolie neatly packed into the one tube. Pretty awesome, right?


Quick Brow 2 In 1 Pencil & Liner


This not only saves you from spending money on multiple products, you can also easily throw it into your handbag if you need to touch up during the day or night - not that you’ll really need to, given that the pencil and liner are already long wearing!
As for where to begin with this multi-purpose product, the choice is yours. Use the pencil for soft shading to create a base to your brow. The liner is then your best friend for creating hair-like strokes that give added depth and definition. Then the spoolie is there to blend and brush those brow hairs into perfection!
I hope our Quick Brow 2 in 1 Brow Pencil and Liner becomes a staple in your makeup bag as it has mine.


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