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The Perfect Winged Liner for Your WFH Beauty Routine!

Getting ready for work certainly isn’t the same as it used to be.

But just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you need to give up on your morning ritual.

Whether you’re jumping on a Zoom call or chilling on your couch solo, applying your favourite liner can work to instantly lift your mood, enhance your eyes and give you that little extra confidence to go out and tackle the day.

Now you might be asking yourself, Are my favourite wings WFH-friendly? And the answer is… absolutely! Read on for our guide to the perfect liner look to fit your lockdown beauty mood. 

Less is More

For when you want a more subtle look you can’t go past our Petite 8mm wing. It’s our #1 secret for nailing that barely there liner look, that still lifts and brightens your eyes without going over the top.

Zoom Ready Wings!

We’ve all been there. You wake up late and check your calendar only to realise you have a video call in 5 minutes. Enter our Modest 10mm wing. Perfect for day or night, our bestselling size is bold enough to make your eyes look bright but not too over the top for that 8am meeting with finance.

The modern work wing

Straighter and pointier than our other styles, our To The Point wing means business and is a must for a modern work wing in minutes. Not to mention, it also happens to be our Founder and CEO Iris' absolute favourite! 

More is more

Shout out to all our beauty lovers whose commitment to full glam hasn’t wavered, even while working from home. We salute you, admire you, and secretly wish we could also nail that perfect cut crease look. If this is you, then you’ll love our Grand 12mm wing.


Now that you've chosen your favourite wing...

Why not mix things up with our Hot Fudge and or limited edition Green Envy shades. Available in all four wing sizes, they are a great way to introduce a subtle hint of colour into your go-to WFH beauty look!


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