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Halloween Makeup Looks With The Quick Flick

"Where there is no imagination, there is no horror." - Arthur Conan Doyle 
For many of us Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with makeup and venture outside our comfort zones to recreate our favourite characters and stories. Whether you’ve already planned your costume or are needing some inspiration, we’ve gathered some of our favourite makeup looks created by our real The Quick Flick customers to get you in the spooky season mood! 
Halloween, but make it glam 

If you’re anything like our HQ team, you’ll do anything to include some glitz and shine into your Halloween look! We absolutely love how Madeleine Goss has used gems to create a glam skull. To finish off this spooky look she has used our Quick Lash Adhesive Liner in Black and our Grand Two False Lashes.  


The cutest pumpkin in the patch 

Who doesn’t love a sun-kissed look, add in sweet pumpkins and we are there! For these looks Sarah Dovey uses our Hot Fudge Eyeliner Stamp to create soft, natural looking freckles that make us feel like we’re dancing through a pumpkin patch. 

If you’re looking for a slightly spookier pumpkin vibe, why not draw some inspiration from Helen Maree with her vibrant 
jack-o'-lantern. Don’t forget to finish off this look with our Quick Lash Adhesive Liner in Black and our Grand Two False Lashes!

Broken Barbie

If you haven’t been scarred by at least one creepy doll in your life, then we are so jealous! From urban legends that scared us as children, to that one porcelain doll in your grandmother's house with eyes that seemed to follow you, dolls can be the source of nightmares. Fears aside, we love how Zandalee has used our Intense Black Eyeliner to create the cracks in her creepy doll look.  

Wings that were made to fly 

Halloween doesn’t have to be all spooks and scares! Why not show off your 2020 glow up and transform yourself into a butterfly?  

One of our favourite MUA’s has turned herself into a spooky version of the blue butterfly emoji and we are so here for it! Here Madeleine Goss uses our Quick Lash Adhesive Liner in Black and our Grand Three False Lashes to complete her look.

Looking for a more subtle transformation? Janneth Ballesteros shows off her butterfly wings with our Intense Black Eyeliner – look at those tiny details!


You’re the pumpkin to our spice! 

Emily Rose has created a look that cries pumpkin spice, literally! Her eye for colour is complimented beautifully by our Intense Black Eyeliner Stamp in Petite. 


We’d love to see the looks you’re creating this spooky season, so make sure you post in our Facebook Group and tag us on Instagram! 

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