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Get To Know Our Newest Lash Bundles

Vegan False Lash Collection

Calling all beauty lovers! Whether you're a lash newbie or a falsies pro, we promise we have the perfect bundle for you. 

Starter Pack

Meet the OG squad: the ones that started it all, the trendsetters, the tried and true favourites. 

Designed to pair perfectly with the Quick Flick Winged Eyeliner Stamp sizes this set is the perfect introduction to our Quick Lash range, and we promise that they will have you ready for every type of lash emergency possible.

The Start Pack contains: Petite One, Modest One, Grand One, and To The Point One

The Naturals Trio

Excuse me, but are those your real lashes? Get ready for your boss, your sister, and the clerk at your local gas station to stop you and ask how your lashes are so long and fluttery.

This power-packed trio will have your makeup routine done and dusted in 15 minutes or less as you embrace the natural look. 

The Naturals Trio contains: Petite One, To The Point One, and Modest Three

The Wispy Trio

Length? Check. Fluttery? Check. Effortless? Check.

Stop stressing about what lashes will take you from brunch to Broadway with this trio of wispy goodness. Dress them up, dress them down these falsies are the perfect way to enhance your natural eye shape no matter the occasion.

The Wispy Set contains: To The Point One, To The Point Two, and Modest Three

The Everyday Lash Set

Looking for the perfect lashes to take you from Monday to Friday and have you Zoom call ready? The Everyday Lash Set contains 5 of our best-selling lash styles that put a twist on your favourite no-makeup makeup look.

Each of these styles will add just the right amount of va va voom to your eye look, while leaving your friends and co-workers wondering exactly what you are doing to look so awake!

The Everyday Lash Set contains: Modest One, Modest Two, To The Point One, To The Point Two, and Petite One 

Eyes On Me Trio

Whether you’re in the centre of your grocery store or strolling down Bondi, this set is for the loud and proud lash addict. Be prepared for all the double-takes with the eye framing lashes that will take you from wow to HOW!

The Eyes On Me Trio contains: Grand One, Modest Two, and To The Point Two

Want it All Collection

Satisfy your lash cravings with the ultimate set that will take you from A to B no matter the occasion. Natural lashes? Take your pick. Looking for drama? Walk this way. Something wispy? We’ve got you covered.

Treat yourself or someone else who just wants it all! Lashes know no limits. 

The Want It All Collections contains: Petite One, Petite Two, Petite Three, Modest One, Modest Two, Modest Three, To The Point One, To The Point Two, To The Point Three, Grand One, Grand Two, and Grand Three

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