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The Right Winged Eyeliner For Your Eyeshape

We all know that not one size of wing fits all, but we know that you and your bestie can still rock a killer cat-eye despite having different eye shapes and situations. We’ve created our winged eyeliner stamps in four sizes and a selection of colours to suit a range of eye types, sizes and ages!  

Determining your unique eye metrics is one of the most important things when it comes to finding your signature look! Every eye is different and the way you accentuate your eye will be make or break when it comes to product choice.  


When looking at your eyes, if there’s no visible white above or below the iris, then your eyes have an almond shape. This eye shape tends to be pointed at the inner corner, with a rounded centre and a lifted taper at the outer corner.  
Almond eye shapes are often the most symmetrical, allowing virtually any liner width or wing to suit - SO LUCKY! We recommend following the natural shape of the eye and building a thicker line towards the outer edge to enhance that gorgeous upward lift. Angle your wing to follow the line of the outer corner and compliment your look with highlighter on your cheek bone to lift the entire face. 


If the corners of your eyes slope downwards towards your cheekbones, then your eyes have a downturned shape. You can also imagine a line drawn across the centre of your eyes, and if the outer corners turn below the line, then they’re a downturned shape.  
If you want to lift your eye look upwards, draw your liner thinner in the inner corner of the eye, and thicker heading to the outer corner. Stamp your wing past your outer corner pointing towards your temples. We love our Modest 10mm and Grand 12mm sizes to complete this look. Keep your lower lash line bare to make your eyeliner pop. We love using bright liners on downturned eyes, so Green Envy is the perfect option! 



As we age, the elasticity in our skin can change meaning you might need to alter the way you apply your favourite beauty products. If you have mature skin and are looking to soften your eye area, why not try our Hot Fudge liner in a size that will match your overall eye shape. Hot Fudge creates a gentler look on the eye, which can assist with reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines around the eye area.  
We believe that all eyes are beautiful and fully embrace wrinkles and fine lines as being part of the story of your life so we’d love for you to rock a more bold shade like Green Envy to really emphasise your personality and giving age stereotypes the flick! 


If you have a light or no visible crease when your eyes are open then you have a monolid shape. You might also notice that your brow bone is less prominent. We suggest either a very thin liner for a natural look or go all out with a thick swipe of liner in a shade to compliment your eye colour! 
We love our To The Point and Petite styles for a thinner more natural look, opting for Hot Fudge to keep it minimal. Or you can go bold with Grand in Green Envy or Intense Black to make your eyes a statement and really showcase your favourite cat-eye liner style!  



If there is visible white underneath the iris, as well as an evident crease on your lids, then you have a round eye shape!  
To really emphasise a rounded eye, focus on an elongated look with a longer, perhaps thicker wing but thinner line towards the inner corners. We love to build the intensity of the liner the closer you get to the outer corner for a dramatic wing which will lift and draw attention to the eye. Choosing our To The Point or Grand winged liner stamp will provide the liner length you’re after! 
For something more playful why not use our Green Envy winged liner in To The Point, lining underneath your lower lash line and stamping your wing in line with your crease, starting at the outer corner.  


If the corners of your eyes slope upwards towards your temples, then your eye have an upturned shape. We like to imagine a line drawn across the centre of your eyes and if your outer corners rise above the line then you have an upturned eye shape! Another sign for this eye shape, is that your lower lid will seem more prominent than your top lid.  
To compliment this eye shade, line your eyes with a thin line from the inner to outer corner. Then line under the eye to assist with evening out the appearance of your upper and lower eye. This will also help to compliment the entire winged liner look. When choosing a winged liner stamp, we recommend our Petite 8mm and Modest 10mm sizes. For a more natural look opt for Hot Fudge to line both the upper and lower lash line or get ready to increase the drama with Intense Black!


Put The Quick Flick to the test! 

With these handy tips in your makeup bag, you’ll be nailing your winged liner for your eye shape in no time! Remember that makeup is all about expression and experimentation, so test out whichever wing you are most drawn to – let's use beauty to enhance not as a mask! 


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